On October 6, 2015, Elissa Levan played a role in the approval of BD-1-15, a signage departure for the recently redeveloped Bowie Marketplace. The three new additions were slated to be placed in the same locations as the previous signs. These new signs were approximately 70 square feet smaller, in accordance with the newest zoning laws that mandated signs needed a maximum height requirement of 25 feet, an area requirement of 200 feet, and a setback zone of 10 feet.

In order to gain approval, the proposal outlined several key points, including the implementation of the general plan, as well as protecting the “general health, safety, morals, comfort, convenience and welfare of present and future inhabitants of the County.”

Upon reviewing the evidence provided by the applicant, Elissa Levan and her team formed comments on each section. Their comments on the protection and promotion of health and welfare are as follows:

“The safety, convenience and welfare of current and future County and City residents will continue to be served by replacing the three formerly-existing free-standing/pylon signs with three new signs, in approximately the same locations, that conform to the area, height, and setback requirements of the County Zoning Ordinance. Thw new signs will continue to offer identification and visibility of the site, and they will be installed in conjunction with the development of a new shopping center that is currently under construction. According to the applicant, the signs are an important element of the development concept envisioned for the property.”

Ultimately, the proposal was approved and the Bowie Marketplace was granted the signs they needed in order to reopen their doors upon the completion of their remodel.

If you wish to learn more about Elissa Levan’s contributions to the memorandum, please read the full PDF document, provided by the City of Bowie.