At the beginning of last month, Elissa Levan was asked to prepare a proposed amendment to Section 32A of the Bowie, MD, City Charter, which directly relates to the recall of elected officials. The document was completed on September 13, 2017, and published online for public consumption.

Throughout Elissa’s proposed amendment, she altered Section 32A in order to incorporate a requirement of a statement of the reason for the recall of an elected official. Additionally, the amendment gives another individual the right and opportunity to bring forth an action challenging the original statement of reason.

Finally, Elissa Levan adapted the process of resolving such complaints, which includes extending the period for conducting an election from 30 to 60 days. This change also impacts the period relating to the time that registered voters have to propose a recall of an elected official.

Prior to this amendment, registered voters were permitted to make such a statement when an elected official had up to six months remaining in their term. Now, registered voters are permitted to make a statement of removal when an elected official has up to 18 months remaining in their term.

If you are interested in discovering the additional changes Elissa Levan proposed, please visit the City of Bowie’s website to access the full memorandum.