On January 16, 2018, the Bowie City Council convened to address new business and resolve matters that were presented to them during their previous meeting, which had been held on January 2, 2018. In attendance was City Attorney Elissa Levan, who listened to all citizens who stepped forward and weighed in on current issues and the state of the council as a whole.

Additionally, Elissa took the time to give a presentation on relevant matters, such as maintaining a professional attitude and stature whilst standing at the podium to present concerns to members of the council. Furthermore, Elissa made it a point to state that such a principle applied to all who were present, including members of the council themselves, as they are to be setting a precedent for the members of the public.

Once Elissa Levan’s presentation had concluded, the council went on to address the consent agenda, which included items like approving meeting minutes from November and also introducing a new ordinance, O-1-18.

To read more about this Bowie City Council meeting and glean further insights into the area’s development, be sure to read this PDF, which was graciously provided by the City of Bowie.