On March 31, 2016, Elissa Levan crafted a memorandum addressed to the Bowie City Council. This document directly addressed the ownership of covenants that were originally obtained for the purpose of building a car wash several years prior. However, just as construction on this property was about to commence, the property owners were notified that a portion of the surrounding land, which became City property, was not a potential cloud on the site title. Therefore, the property owners appealed to the City to get the covenants to said property released to them.

According to Elissa Levan, the City agreed to grant the property owners’ request. However, the owners of a nearby Nissan dealership were also required to sign off on the release. Furthermore, the property owners had to agree to indemnify and hold the City harmless in the event of any claims asserted against the City relating to the execution of the release.

Luckily for the property owners, the Nissan dealership swiftly agreed, as they could not foresee themselves needing the land. Therefore, a deal was struck and resolved shortly after the documents were crafted.

To learn more about Elissa Levan’s role in the release of these covenants, please be sure to visit the City of Bowie’s website and read the full PDF they provided for public review.